Call for abstracts for two volumes on Care Ethics, Birthing, and Mothering

Urgent attention is needed to re-address maternity, mothering, and related matters in terms of caring. The ethics of care provides an important framework to take up issues of reproductive justice and intersections with new developments in technology. In this call, we invite scholarly contributions that can further our understanding of processes, practices, and policies towards enhancing human flourishing in and around mothering.

Our provisional plan is to create two volumes on ‘Care Ethics, Birthing, and Mothering’ with two linked but distinct focal points (reproductive justice and technology respectively) in the book series ‘Ethics of Care’, published by Peeters Publishers, Leuven, Belgium. The editors will work in close collaboration on the two volumes, and a selected contribution may be included in either of these volumes depending on its fit. An initial selection will be done based on the abstract (approximately 350 words), while the final selection will be based on a review of the full paper (6000-8000 words).

Volume I: Reproductive Justice: Care Ethics and Beyond

Editors: Inge van Nistelrooij, Rodante van der Waal, Veronica Mitchell

Abstracts of approximately 350 words are to be submitted to Inge at before April 3, 2022.

Volume II: Technology, Mothering, and Care Ethics

Editors: Amrita Banerjee and Priya Sharma

Abstracts of approximately 350 words to be submitted to Amrita at

before April 3, 2022.

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